Round Table

According to the Legend of King Arthur, there was a Round Table located in the Kingdom of Camelot.  It was said that only the best knights; the ones who upheld the strictest code of chivalry and had proven themselves on the battlefield or done some great deed, could take a seat at the Round Table.  These Knights of the Round Table and their organization became models of brotherhood, chivalry, virtue and bravery.  

At Creekside High School, we too, want our young men to strive to be like the legendary knights of Camelot.  As a distinguishing member of the Creekside High School Football “Knights of the Round Table”, the following student-athletes have proven themselves worthy of distinction among their teammates and peers.


Knights of the Round Table

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Thompson Duett – RB – Class of 2010

Andrew Schultz – WR – Class of 2010

Alex Watson – OL/DL – Class of 2011

Jordan Swindle – OL – Class of 2012

Livio Hoxha – RB – Class of 2013

Michael Gray – DB – Class of 2013

Adam Sandin – QB – Class of 2013

Tommy Openshaw – K – Class of 2013

Rashad Blunt – WR – Class of 2015

Blake Morgan – RB – Class of 2016

Garrison Turnage – P – Class of 2017

J.T. Wood – WR – Class of 2018